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Lissachatina iredalei Zanzibar juvenil Lissachatina iredalei Zanzibar
Anguispira alternata Ontario, Canada Anguispira alternata Ontario, Canada
Achatina achatina achatina Ghana type 2a x Nigeria type 2a albino body Achatina achatina Ghana type 2a x Nigeria type 2a albino
Tweezers technical 14cm
Artificial plants
Artificial plants

Lignocel - coconut soil

This is the best soil for snails and other animals. It keeps water very well and in this way sustain high humidity in the box or terrarium. From one briquet you can have about 8 litres of soil.

Lignocel - coconut soil

Lignocel - coconut soil.available

Weight: 500 - 600g
Available number: 500
Price: 1€

Lignocel - coconut soil 2.5 l

Lignocel - coconut soil 2.5 lavailable

Volume: 2.5 l
Available number: 10
Price: 2€

Lignocel - coconut soil 6 l

Lignocel - coconut soil 6 lavailable

Volume: 6 l
Available number: 10
Price: 4€

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