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Lissachatina iredalei Zanzibar juvenil Lissachatina iredalei Zanzibar
Anguispira alternata Ontario, Canada Anguispira alternata Ontario, Canada
Achatina achatina achatina Ghana type 2a x Nigeria type 2a albino body Achatina achatina Ghana type 2a x Nigeria type 2a albino
Tweezers technical 14cm
Artificial plants
Artificial plants


4.3.2018 - Delivery of snails to Hamm show on the next Saturday 10.3.2018 is possible. If you want to order some snails, please let me know until Thursday. Available are also new species Archachatina marginata icterica Nigeria (20€), Veronicella sp. TOBAGO (8€), Rumina decollata Madeira (4€), Moulinsia fusca erythrostoma Philippines adults (20€). These species are not yet listed on the website.

14.10.2017 - New short interview about snails was published yesterday. It is in Czech language but maybe you can use google translator or at least see photos of me and my snails :-)

29.9.2017 - I am sorry for not updating this website a lot lately as I am working on the new version which should be released in several weeks. Availability of snails in the for sale section should up to date but missing these species (photos of some of them were already put on my facebook page):

Archachatina marginata icterica Nigeria - 20€
Lissachatina fulica dark body - 2€
Rumina decollata Madeira - 4€
Veronicella sp. Tobago - 8€
Moulinsia fusca erythrostoma Philippines - juvenil 8€, adult 20€

11.5.2017 - You can watch the new episode of the show Telefon at ČT:D station, where I am talking about snails tomorrow at 13:50. I will post here a link for this episode after it will be aired.

8.3.2017 - Delivery of snails to Hamm show on this Saturday 11.3.2017 is possible. Please send me your orders till Friday noon.

24.1.2017 - new species in the collection:
Anguispira alternata Ontario, Canada adult Anguispira alternata Ontario, Canada, adult, 2cm, babies are already for sale, species gallery HERE

31.12.2016 - We wish you a Happy New Year full of happy new snails. We hope that you will find many interesting facts, photos and species on our website again.


6.12.2016 - Delivery of snails to Hamm show on this Saturday 10.12.2016 is possible. Please send me your orders till Thursday evening.

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