Breeding Tank

Land snails are not so demanding when it comes to the place where they are living. We can keep them in plastic box, plastic crate or glass terrarium. The only important thing is size which has to fit to our selected species. For bigger species like Achatina achatina or Archachatina marginata we choose tanks of the floor size around 60 x 40 cm. In the tank of this size we fit about 3 adults of these biggest species. For tree snails like Pseudachatina connectens, we preferentially choose higher tank. We can place many small species for example snails of the genus Caracolus, Pleurodonte, Ceras, Subulina and others in the small terrarium or boxes with the floor of 20 x 20 cm. Different types of tanks have their advantages and disadvantages, which will be discussed later in the text.

Plastic Box

Plastic boxes and containers are ideal for keeping land snails due to their low weight and resilience. Boxes are sold in many size and shapes so we can choose the perfect one for our snails. The best is to choose the box with transparent sides so we can see our snail even when the lid is closed. Better are the boxes which are not so structured inside so the cleaning is easier. Most of the boxes on the market are missing air holes so we have to do it by ourselves. The air holes should be made on the opposite sides of the box or in the lid also in the opposites sides so there will be some small air flow. We should make the holes small enough so the young will not be able to go through. Be aware especially of young slugs which are able to escape using incredibly small holes.

Pros Cons
Low price Bad visibility of snails when the lid is closed
Low weight Not so representative appearance
Many sizes and shapes Plastic will be more scratched and the transparency gets worse
Easy maintenance

Plastic Crate

Crates are more transparent in comparison with plastic boxes and lid has ventilation so you can put your pet inside without any further preparation. If you want to keep just one big or several smaller snails, you can choose some suitable crate. But be aware that some species are so small (Subulina, Paropeas, Moulinsia…) that they can escape through the ventilation. Ventilation is using whole lid so it can be too much and the environment can get dry fast. You can prevent it by covering part of the lid or you can spray the crate more often.

Pros Cons
Great transparency and thus visibility of snails Higher price
Better appearance in comparison with plastic boxes Not so vast diversity of sizes and shapes
Ventilation in the lid Walls will get scratched and the transparency gets worse
Low weight
Easy maintenance

Glass Terrarium

Glass terrariums are the best choice for undisturbed observation of your pets. Terrariums are sold in many sizes and shapes so you are not limited in this way. Cleaning of the terrarium is more complicated and glass is often dirty from snail´s slime. Also glass of the terrarium is more susceptible to damage during the manipulation. Most of the terrariums on the market have too big ventilation area and it is better to cover part of it or to spray your tank more often. It is also better to choose the tank with the doors on hinges. With the terrarium using slide doors you can face the problem when the snail is stucked to one side of the door and you cannot move the other unless you harm the pet.

Pros Cons
Great transparency and thus visibility of snails Higher price
Representative appearance Higher weight
Glass can brake more easily
More complicated maintenance

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