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Ceras dautzenbergi Nigeria


New species in the collection. Attractive species with nice shell. It is one of the bigger snail in the family Subulinidae. Adults are up to 4 cm big. It is easy to keep and breed in captivity. It is viviparous species with 5 - 10 babies in every litter and as a new species still rare in captivity. Babies are already for sale HERE

Achatina schweinfurthi simulans Congo


New species in the collection. Adults are up to 13 cm big. Attractive snail with shell colour from brown to green. It can resemble Achatina balteata. This species is very rare in captivity. Breeding is uncommon. Imported adults are for sale HERE

10 years anniversary! New web is here!


It has been 10 year since I started breeding snails. This anniversary deserves some special reward, this new website. I hope you will find it much easier to search for information about snails or even to purchase one. Finally there is a shopping basket and the site is responsive so you can fully enjoy it on your mobile devices. With a new architecture I will be able to extend web easier and faster. It is much easier for me to add new content now so I will add extended descriptions and many new species for sale in the near future. Also the section of snail accessories was increased dramatically and I will add even more stuff.

However as the website is completely rebuilt there could be some bugs and problems. I hope you will understand. It would be great if you can write me at my email if you encounter any problems. Also I would like to know about your comments or suggestions. What you don´t like on this new version or what feature do you want me to add?

Veronicella sp. Tobago


New species in the collection. Adults are about 10 cm big. This species is slightly smaller than Veronicella sloanei, darker and seems to be also faster. Babies are already for sale. Species gallery is available HERE

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