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I wish you a Happy New Year full of many healthy snails and other pets. I believe that also in this year we will all have many baby snails and also new species to our collections. There are still so many nice land snails species out there!

Achatina balteata infrafusca Cameroon


New species in the collection. New form of this species imported from Cameroon instead of Congo. From Congo population, snails from Cameroon have darker shell and body and also the shell is more granulated on the surface, but not so much as in the species Achatina iostoma. It is easy to care for this snail but captive breeding is rare. Imported adults are for sale HERE

Caracolus sagemon Gran Piedra, Santiago de Cuba, Cuba mountain form


New species in the collection. Beautiful form of the species Caracolus sagemon with attractive contrast coloration. Most prominent is thick black stripe on the shell. The bottom of the shell is completely black. Colour of the foot is very dark. This species is very attractive and not hard to keep. I is also partially arboreal snail so we can place it also in a higher tank with some branches for climbing. Babies are already for sale HERE

Achatina achatina Benin


New species in the collection. A form of the species Achatina achatina which is similar to form from Nigeria. Imported snails are up to 12 cm big and they are still growing. The foot is dark. Shell is more elongated in comparison with other forms. Stripes are well defined and usually thin. Imported adults are for sale HERE

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