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New form Lissachatina zanzibarica type 4 in collection


Middle size form of the species Lissachatina zanzibarica. Characteristic for Lissachatina zanzibarica type 4 is shell almost without stripes and with bright red apex. Shell is also more obtuse. This species is viviparous as close species Lissachatina iredalei. Keeping and breeding of this form are without problems and snails of this species prefer cucumber in their diet. Babies are available HERE

New species Caracolus sagemon Gran Piedra, Santiago de Cuba, Cuba lowland form in collection


Against the mountain form, this form has grown stripe between black stripes and also this form is generally bigger. Colour of the foot is very dark. Lip is white. This species is very attractive and not hard to keep. It is also partially arboreal snail so we can place it also in a higher tank with some branches for climbing. Babies are available HERE

New species Achatina schweinfurthi semifusca Congo in collection


Achatina schweinfurthi semifusca is a very big form of Achatina schweinfurthi with light brown striping on the white background. Half of the last whorl is brown. Adult older snails are losing these brown markings and are usually totally white. This subspecies is more problematic after arriving in captivity. Especially old adult snails have lots of problems with captivity. This snail was probably not bred in captivity yet. Imported adults are available HERE



I wish you a Happy New Year full of many breeding successes. A lot of new things for this e-shop are on the way. I hope you will like them and you will come to visit also in the year 2020.

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