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New species Archachatina marginata suturalis Benin in collection


Very similar snails to more common Archachatina marginata suturalis imported from Nigeria. Snails from Benin can have slightly different shell coloration. Foot is uniformly dark or black. Apex and coluemlla are red. This species is easy to care for. Imported subadults to adults are already for sale HERE.

Babies of Archachatina sp. Calabar, Nigeria are available


Babies in generation F1 (parents are from the wild) are available in the e-shop now. They are picky in the food the same as WC adults but they are growing nicely and without any problems. Juveniles are available HERE

Lissachatina immaculata panthera Madagascar are available again


I added several photos of adult snail finally. You can check babies for sale HERE.

New artificial plants from Repti Planet


Repti Planet plants are for use on the ground and they have heavier bottom part. Several types of plants are for sale HERE.

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