New items for sale:


New turtle species added


New species of turtles of family Emydidae added.

Turtles, lizards and beetles for sale!


Many species of turtles, lizards and beetles are now available for sale. Only personal takeover is possible for turtles, tortoises and lizards.

New species Archachatina marginata ssp. Ikom, Nigeria in collection


A very interesting new form of the species Archachatina marginata with columella and apex in dark purple colour. The last whorl is pale and with missing stripes in bigger snails. This species is easy to care. Already bigger juveniles of Archachatina marginata ssp. Ikom, Nigeria are for sale.

New species Lissachatina zanzibarica type 5 in collection


Dark form of the species Lissachatina zanzibarica. This species is viviparous as close species Lissachatina iredalei. Keeping and breeding of this form is without problems and snails of this species prefare cucumber in their diet. Already bigger juveniles of Lissachatina zanzibarica type 5 are for sale.

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