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Soil for millipedes and isopods was added to sale


Complete soil for your terrariums for millipedes and isopods. Soil is mixed up from fibrous peat, crushed rake, umbrella pine bark, sand and calcium sources. Soil for millipedes and isopods is already available.

New species of millipede Orthomorpha subkarschi Thailand added


Epibolus pulchripesA smaller species of flat-topped millipede that is interesting for its colouration and the toothed growths on the body segments. As food in captivity, they usually take mainly rake and rotting wood but also cucumber and other vegetables and fruits. Reproduction in captivity has already been successful. Adults Orthomorpha subkarschi Thailand from captive breeding are already available.

New species of millipede Epibolus pulchripes Tanzania added


Epibolus pulchripes Tanzania is a Medium sized species of distinctively coloured millipede. A rare millipede in breeding due to the ban on imports from Tanzania. They need leaf litter and rotted wood as food, but also eat vegetables and fruit. Captive breeding is possible. Juveniles Epibolus pulchripes Tanzania from captive breeding are already available.

Granulated alfalfa was added to sale


Due to its high protein content, granulated alfalfa is ideal especially as a feed for young animals. We recommend alternating alfalfa with granulated hay. It is suitable for terrestrial and semi-aquatic turtles, iguanas, agamas and other lizards. Babies Granulated alfalfa is already available.

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