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New species of snail Otala punctata Almería Spain on offer


The spotted otala (Otala punctata) is a medium-sized species of snail. It is very variable in colouration and always very attractive with a distinctly arched mouth. It is easy to breed and not picky in food. Adults of Otala punctata from the wild are available.

New species of turtle Claudius angustatus Mexico added


Narrow-bridged Mud Turtle is a unique freshwater turtle of small stature but great temperament. We prefer to keep them individually to avoid biting each other. In breeding it is trouble-free and very caustic. You can feed it a variety of invertebrates, meat and pellets. Due to their smaller size, they are not demanding on the size of the breeding tank. Since it is a carnivore, they don´t need UVB radiation either. Adults of Claudius angustatus Mexico from the wild are available.

New species of millipede Orthoporus ornatus added


Orthoporus ornatus is a medium-sized species of millipede that is mainly found on the ground in drier areas. It is therefore a good idea to offer a sufficiently deep substrate with a mixture of sand in the breeding tank. They are not picky in their diet and eat leaves as well as vegetables and fruit. This millipede is rarely imported, but has already reproduced in captivity. Adults of Orthoporus ornatus from the wild are available.

New species of freshwater turtle Platemys platycephala Guyana added


The Twist-necked Turtle is a smaller species of freshwater turtle with a distinctly flattened shell and a strikingly coloured head. In the wild, this turtle inhabits shallow water sources and is often found far from water. Therefore, we prepare an aquaterarium with a shallow pool and land with many hiding places for them in captivity. We present any animal food of appropriate size. Since it is a carnivore, they do not need UVB radiation either. Females lay only one huge egg several times a year. Adults of Platemys platycephala Guyana from the wild are available.

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