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New species Leptinaria sp. in collection


Interesting smaller species from family Subulinidae. In contrast to species from genus Subulina and Paropeas, this snail is not so elongated and it looks bigger as a result. It is easy to keep and breed in captivity. Captive-bred babies are already for sale HERE.

New population form of Archachatina marginata ovum Nigeria XXL in collection


Special population form of this species that can grow to huge size same as the biggest Achatina achatina snails. Normal form of Archachatina marginata ovum grows usually to 15 cm but this XXL form can grow up to 20 cm. Captive-bred babies are already for sale HERE.

New bowls for sale


I added new plastic bowls of diverse sizes and shapes. You can check all bowls (new ones are at the end) HERE.

Rarity! Sinistral snail of the species Caracolus sagemon Gran Piedra, Santiago de Cuba, Cuba lowland form


You cannot find this very often. Most of the snail´s species have dextral (it turns to the right) shell and specimen with sinistral (it turns to the left) shell is very rare. We can find also species with natural sinistral shells or species where both dextral and sinistral forms are occurring with equal probability. But as I know in species from genus Caracolus and Pleurodonte it is not the case and they are all naturally dextral. I keep species of Caracolus and Pleurodonte for more than 10 years and I bred a lot of babies from them, and I never saw a sinistral snail. And now I bred one:-) You can check more photos of dextral, sinistral and comparison of both forms HERE.

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