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New species Pleurodonte marginella marginella Cuba light added


A lighter form of Pleurodonte marginella marginella Cuba with a stripe on the shell that is thinner and often disappears completely on the last whorl. The mouth is white. This is a non-problematic species that is partly arboreal. It can therefore be placed in a higher tank. Babies Pleurodonte marginella marginella Cuba light are already available.

New species Cryptozona siamensis Thailand type 1 added


Attractively colored Cryptozona with contrast between the upper dark and lower light side of the shell. The species is trouble-free in breeding and prefers cucumbers, salads and other green foods as food. Babies Cryptozona siamensis Thailand type 1 are already available.

New species Camaena platyodon Hainan, China added


An interesting new species from China that is smaller in stature with a round, taller shell. The colour of the shell is either pure white or with few distinctive darker coloured stripes. This snail is trouble-free in breeding. It prefers cucumber and lettuce in its diet. Reproduction is also easy. The snails lay up to several dozen small transparent eggs. The young hatch in about two weeks and are very small. Babies Camaena platyodon Hainan, China are already available.

New form with orange shell from Limicolaria flammea Nigeria orange added


A nice form of Limicolaria flammea with orange shell. This snail is easy to keep and breed and as other limicolaria species they like cucumbers, lettuces, and other green stuff as food. Babies Limicolaria flammea Nigeria orange are already available.

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