Species of the family Achatinidae

Species Author of description Synonyms Distribution
Achatina afromontana Bequaert & Clench, 1934 Achatina osborni afromontana Democratic Republic of the Congo
Achatina achatina Linnaeus,1758   Upper Guinea; Sierra Leone; Liberia; Ivory Coast; Togo; Dahomy; southern Nigeria; Ghana
Achatina achatina bayoli Morelet, 1888   Ivory Coast
Achatina achatina depravata Bequaert   Liberia
Achatina achatina elegans Müller, 1774   Liberia; Ivory Coast
Achatina achatina monochromatica Bruguiere, 1792   Angola
Achatina achatina roseolabiata Shaw & Nodder, 1796   Liberia
Achatina achatina togënsis Martens, 1893   Togo
Achatina balteata Reeve,1849   Cameroon; Angola; Congo; Upper-Guinea; Sierra Leone; Gambia
Achatina bisculpta E.A. Smith, 1878 Cochlitoma bisculpta South Africa
Achatina capelloi Furtado, 1886   South Africa; plain before Quintum
Achatina connollyi Preston, 1912 Lissachatina connollyi Zambia; Zimbabwe
Achatina craveni Smith,1881   southern Africa
Achatina dammarensis Pfeiffer   Botswana
Achatina eleanorae Mead, 1994   Tanzania
Achatina fulgurata Pfeiffer, 1853   Senegal
Achatina glutinosa Pfeiffer, 1854   Mozambique
Achatina insularis Crowley & Pain, 1961   Congo
Achatina iostoma Pfeiffer,1852   Cameroon
Achatina mulanjensis Crowley & Pain   Malawi
Achatina nyikaensis Pilsbry, 1909   Malawi
Achatina osborni Pilsbry, 1919   South Africa
Achatina passargei von Martens   Botswana
Achatina scaevola Melvill & Ponsonby, 1893 A. smithii southern Africa
Achatina semisculpta Pfeiffer, 1845   East Africa
Achatina schinziana Bousson   Botswana
Achatina schweinfurthi von Martens,1873   East-Africa; Congo
Achatina smithii Craven, 1880   South Africa
Achatina stuhlmani von Martens,1892   Uganda
Achatina sylvatica Putzeys, 1898   Congo
Achatina tavaresiana Morelet, 1866   Angola
Achatina tincta Reeve, 1842   Congo; Angola
Achatina tincta oblitterata Dautzenberg, 1891   Angola; Congo
Achatina tracheia Connolly, 1929   Southeast Africa
Achatina variegata Roissy   Liberia
Achatina vignoniana Morelet, 1874   Gabon
Achatina weynsi Dautzenberg, 1891   Congo
Archachatina aurora Pfeiffer, 1854 Archachatina papyracea South Africa
Archachatina bicarinata Bruguiere,1789   São Tomé and Principe
Archachatina camerunensis d'Ailly,1896   West Africa; Cameroon
Archachatina cinnamomea Mellvil & Ponsonby, 1894   South Africa
Archachatina crawfordi Morelet, 1889   South Africa
Archachatina degneri Bequaert & Clench,1936   Ghana
Archachatina gaboonensis Pilsbry,1933   Gabon
Archachatina marginata candefacta Bequaert and Clench, 1936   Cameroon
Archachatina marginata clenchi J. C. Bequaert, 1950   Cameroon
Archachatina marginata eduardi Pilsbry, 1909   Ivory Coast; Cameroon; Fernando Po
Archachatina marginata egregia Dautzenberg, 1921   Cameroon
Archachatina marginata egregiella Bequaert and Clench, 1936   Cameroon
Archachatina marginata grevillei Pfeiffer, 1879   Southern Nigeria
Archachatina marginata icterica Bequaert and Clench, 1936   Gaboon
Archachatina marginata marginata Swainson,1821   Congo; Cameroon; Dahomey;  Fernando Po; Gabon; Equatorial Guinea; Nigeria (North and South)
Archachatina marginata ovum Pfeiffer,1858   Southern part of Nigeria
Archachatina marginata suturalis Philippi,1849   West Africa; Dahomey; Southern Nigeria; Cameroon; French Congo; Equatorial Guinea; Fernando Po; São Tomé and Principe
Archachatina marinae Sirgel   South Africa
Archachatina montistempli van Bruggen   South Africa
Archachatina omissa van Bruggen   South Africa
Archachatina papyracea Pfeiffer,1845   Cameroun
Archachatina papyracea adelinae Pilsbry,1905   West Africa
Archachatina parthenia Melvill & Ponsonby,1903   South Africa
Archachatina purpurea Gmelin, 1790   Ghana
Archachatina puylaerti Mead, 1998   Togo; Benin
Archachatina semidecussata Pfeiffer, 1846   South Africa
Archachatina ventricosa Gould,1850   Liberia; Sierra-Leone
Archachatina ventricosa spectaculum Pilsbry, 1933   Sierra-Leone
Atopocochlis exarata Müller, 1774   Guinea
Bequaertina graueri Thiele, 1911 Cochlitoma graueri southern Africa
Brownisca neumanni Thiele, 1933   Ethiopia
Brownisca obtusa Connolly, 1931   Uganda
Brownisca stefaninii Connolly, 1925   Somalia
Brownisca weberi Bequaert, 1950   Sudan
Bruggenina altitudinaria Crowley & Pain, 1961   Rwanda
Bruggenina bequaerti Crowley & Pain, 1961   Malawi
Bruggenina gebhardti Knipper, 1956   Tanzania
Bruggenina meadi Bequaert, 1950   Tanzania
Bruggenina sandgroundi Bequaert, 1950 Cochlitoma sandgroundi Zimbabwe
Bruggenina saskai Knipper, 1956 Cochlitoma saskai Tanzania
Burtoa nilotica Pfeiffer, 1861   Congo
Callistopepla graneri Thiele, 1911   Congo
Cochlitoma aenigmatica van Bruggen, 1977   southern Africa
Cochlitoma burnupi E.A. Smith, 1890 Archachatina dimidiata southern Africa
Cochlitoma cinnamomea Melvill & Ponsonby   southern Africa
Cochlitoma crawfordi Morelet, 1889 Tholachatina simplex crawfordi southern Africa
Cochlitoma dacostana Preston, 1909 Tholachatina dacostana southern Africa
Cochlitoma dimidiata E.A. Smith, 1878 C. burnupi, C. schencki Eastern South-Africa; Dundee and Vryheid north to Mpumalanga and Limpopo Province
Cochlitoma drakensburgensis Melvill & Ponsonby, 1897   Eastern South-Africa; around Dargle and Polela
Cochlitoma fulgurata Pfeiffer, 1851 A. zebra fulgurata southern Africa
Cochlitoma granulata Krauss, 1848 Archachatina (Tholachatina) granulata Eastern South-Africa; Eshowe and Melmoth(Zululand)along the KwaZulu Natal coast south to the Mtamvuna River into Pondoland; around the Bulwer and the Estcourt area
Cochlitoma churchilliana Melvill & Ponsonby, 1895   Eastern South-Africa; Zululand coast; Mtunzini area north towards southern Mozambique
Cochlitoma indotata Reeve, 1849 Achatina indotata southern Africa
Cochlitoma kilburni Mead, 2004   South Africa
Cochlitoma kraussi Reeve, 1842 A. zebra kraussi southern Africa
Cochlitoma limitanea van Bruggen, 1984   southern Africa
Cochlitoma linterae G.B. Sowerby, 1889 A. zebra southern Africa
Cochlitoma livingstonei Melvill & Ponsonby, 1897   southern Africa
Cochlitoma machachensis E.A. Smith, 1902   southern Africa
Cochlitoma marinae Sirgel, 1989   southern Africa
Cochlitoma montistempli van Bruggen, 1965   Eastern South-Africa; the Cathedral Peak-Monk's Cowl area of the central KwaZulu-Natal Drakensberg(1400-2750 m)
Cochlitoma natalensis Pfeiffer, 1854 A. occidentalis southern Africa
Cochlitoma oedigyra Melvill & Ponsonby, 1894 Tholachatina simplex southern Africa
Cochlitoma omissa van Bruggen, 1965   Eastern South-Africa; the Cathedral Peak area of the central KwaZulu-Natal Drakensberg(1400-2100 m)
Cochlitoma parthenia Melvill & Ponsonby, 1903   Eastern South-Africa; along the Zululand coast
Cochlitoma penestes Melvill & Ponsonby, 1893   southern Africa
Cochlitoma pentheri Sturany, 1898   southern Africa
Cochlitoma rhabdota Melvill & Ponsonby, 1898 Tholachatina ustulata (Lamarck, 1822) southern Africa
Cochlitoma sanctaeluciae van Bruggen, 1989   southern Africa
Cochlitoma semidecussata Pfeiffer, 1846   Eastern South-Africa; KwaZulu-Natal coast
Cochlitoma semigranosa Pfeiffer, 1861   Eastern South-Africa; KwaZulu-Natal; Pondoland; form the Mtamvuna River to Durban northwards; inland to Oribi Gorge
Cochlitoma schencki von Martens, 1889 Archachatina dimidiata schencki E.A. Smith, 1878 southern Africa
Cochlitoma simplex E.A. Smith, 1878   Eastern South-Africa; Thukela Basin,Kranskop and Mooi River north towards Ladysmith and the area of Nqutu
Cochlitoma subcylindrica Preston, 1909 Tholachatina transvaalensis E.A. Smith, 1878 southern Africa
Cochlitoma transvaalensis E.A. Smith, 1878   southern Africa
Cochlitoma ustulata Lamarck, 1822   Eastern South-Africa; The Pondoland coast and Transkei
Cochlitoma varicosa Pfeiffer, 1861 Achatina varicosa Eastern South-Africa; The East-London area north along the coast of Transkei to Mbotyi; inland to Lusikisiki
Cochlitoma vestita Pfeiffer, 1854   Eastern South-Africa; Cape Vidal north towards and into South-Mozambique
Cochlitoma wigleyi Mead, 2004   South Africa
Cochlitoma zebra Bruguière, 1789 Achatina zebra Eastern South-Africa;Cape Agulhas east along the coast towards East-London; Transkei and the Kokstad area
Cochlitoma zebroides E.A. Smith, 1878   southern Africa
Cochlitoma zebrula von Martens, 1900 Tholachatina simplex, E.A. Smith, 1878 southern Africa
Cochlitoma zuluensis Connolly, 1939   southern Africa
Columna columna Müller,1774   São Tomé and Principe
Columna leai Tryon, 1866   São Tomé and Principe
Lignus alabaster Rang,1831   Guinea
Lignus auripigmentum Reeve, 1848   East Africa
Lignus intertinctus Gould, 1843   Liberia
Lignus leai Pilsbry,1933   Liberia
Lignus solimanus Morelet,1848   Cameroun
Limicolaria adansoni Pfeiffer,1861   Senegal; São Tomé and Principe
Limicolaria aurora Jay,1839   Cameroun; Senegal
Limicolaria cailliaudi Pfeiffer   Ethiopia
Limicolaria dimidiata Martens,1880   Sudan
Limicolaria distincta Putzeys,1898   Congo
Limicolaria flammea Müller,1774   Nigeria
Limicolaria flammea festiva von Martens,1869   Sierra Leone
Limicolaria flammea spekiana Grandidier, 1881   Sudan
Limicolaria flammulata Pfeiffer,1847   Angola
Limicolaria charbonnieri Bourguignat,1889   Congo 
Limicolaria kambeul Bruguiere,1792   Sudan; Senegal
Limicolaria kambeul turriformis Bruguiere,1792   central Africa
Limicolaria lammea spekiana Grandidier,1881   Sudan
Limicolaria martensi Martens   Tanzania
Limicolaria martensi karagweensis Kobelt,1913   Congo
Limicolaria martensi pallidistriga Martens,1895   Congo
Limicolaria martensiana E.A. Smith,1880   Uganda; Nigeria
Limicolaria martensiana laikipiaensis E.A. Smith,1913   Kenya
Limicolaria numidica Reeve   Cameroon
Limicolaria saturata E.A. Smith,1895   Kenya; Tanzania
Limicolaria saturata chromatica Pilsbry,1904   Congo
Limicolaria smithii Preston,1906   Uganda
Limicolaria turriformis von Martens   Kenya; Uganda
Limicolaria zebra Pilsbry   Cameroun
Lissachatina albopicta E.A. Smith, 1878 Cochlitoma albopicta Kenya; Tanzania
Lissachatina allisa Reeve, 1849   West Africa; Liberia
Lissachatina delorioli Bonnet, 1864 Cochlitoma delorioli, Lissachatina allisa South Africa
Lissachatina fulica Bowdich,1822   East-Africa; Asia; America
Lissachatina fulica hamillei Petit, 1859   East-Africa; Tanzania
Lissachatina fulica hamillei "rodatzi" Dunker, 1852   East-Africa; Tanzania
Lissachatina fulica sinistrosa Grateloup, 1840   East-Africa
Lissachatina fulica umbilicata Nevill, 1879   East-Africa
Lissachatina immaculata antourtourensis Lamarck, 1822   East-Africa
Lissachatina immaculata immaculata Lamarck,1822   East-Africa
Lissachatina immaculata immaculata "two-tone" Lamarck, 1822   East-Africa
Lissachatina immaculata lamarckiana Lamarck, 1822   Malawi
Lissachatina immaculata panthera Férussac, 1832   East-Africa
Lissachatina iredalei Preston,1910   Tanzania
Lissachatina loverdgei Clench & Archer, 1930   Tanzania
Lissachatina reticulata Pfeiffer,1845   Tanzania
Lissachatina zanzibarica Bourguignat   Tanzania
Metachatina kraussi Pfeiffer,1846   Eastern South-Africa; KwaZulu Natal north to Mozambique; inland towards Ithala; the Lebombo Mountains; Kranskop; Glencoe; the Vryheid region; south to Ifafa
Perideriopis fallsensis Dupuis & Putzeys,1900   Congo
Perideriopis fallsensis pronuba Pilsbry,1919   Congo
Perideriopis umbilicata Putzeys,1898   Congo
Pseudachatina dennisoni Pfeiffer   Cameroun; Gabon
Pseudachatina downesii Sowerby,1838   Cameroun
Pseudachatina sodeni Kobelt,1893   Gabon
Pseudachatina wrighti Sowerby,1853   Guinea


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