I wish you a Happy New Year full of many breeding successes. A lot of new things for this e-shop are on the way. I hope you will like them and you will come to visit also in the year 2020.

New form of the species Archachatina marginata marginata Cameroon (type 2) in collection


Black or brown streaks on the white background are characterictic for this big form of Archachatina marginata. Columella and apex are both pure white. Type 2 has more dark pigment in the shell in comparison with type 1. Imported adults are available HERE

New species Archachatina sp. Calabar, Nigeria in collection


I was not able to determine species of this snail from genus Archachatina. It is a small and elongated form which can resemble Archachatina porphyrostoma in appearance but last whorls are red and columella too. It looks like that this species would be great in captivity as this snail is eating all food offered. Also, I had no loses among snails imported from nature. Imported adults are available HERE

You can choose from new breeding boxes


I added new plastic boxes to the e-shop. You can check them HERE

New form of Rumina decollata from France is for sale


I have this form in my collection for some time and I have now babies available. In comparison with the form from Croatia this form seems to be more robust and darker in colour of the shell. You can check more photos HERE

New LANDSNAILS.ORG snail´s terrariums are for sale


The LANDSNAILS.ORG terrariums are simple glass tanks build specially for snails. For this reason, they have smaller ventilation area and doors are on the hinges. You can check them HERE

Achatina weynsi Congo imported subadults / adults for sale


Achatina weynsi is an attractive species with variable striping on the shell. As stripes could be tin or very broad, snails could be light or also very dark. Apex is usually of purple colour. Keeping this snail in captivity is without problems but the breeding is, as in other species of genus Achatina, rare. You can find available snails HERE

New manual for choosing the right breeding tank


Finally, I started to work on breeding manuals in English. I added a manual about breeding tanks first. I hope that you will find some useful information in the text. If you will find mistakes (my English is not very good), some not clear parts or you are missing crucial things in the text, I will be glad for comments or emails from you. You can check the manual HERE

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